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I have had Raynaud's since childhood and at 46 years of age, has become so uncomfortable with daily activities I began searching the internet for remedies (not wanting to take medication).

Being a runner it is quite difficult to find gloves/mittens to keep my hands warm on cold fall/winter runs.

I came across your website and initially did not intend to use the Prolotex Classy Fit gloves for running; however, because they are so thin and lightweight I began using them as liners under my mittens. WOW! What an amazing difference. I use them on every run and bring them with me everywhere I go. They are truly a miracle for me. I will be ordering several more pair.

To people who don't have Raynaud's they cannot understand what a true blessing it is not to suffer with numb painful fingers. Thank you so much for a wonderful product!

Yes, feel free to post this on your testimonial page. Once again, I love the product! Thank you.


Dear Sir
I have purchased socks from you for peripheral neuropathy.
The result has been a reduction in the pain in my feet and legs and an increase in my energy and activity.
I have also purchased gloves from you which have very much improved the appearance of my hands and reduced the constant dry skin effect.
I await with interest the kneebands.
I will be mentioning these improvements to my consultant, physoi & orthotics personel next time I visit U.C.L.H. in London.

Yours sincerely

James Braiden


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I've been wearing my Therapy Gloves for a year; I have carpal tunnel & secondary arthritis. I couldn't have functioned without my gloves. When I wear them at night, my fingers aren't swollen or numb in the morning. Thankfully, my husband thinks they look sexy. I just bought him a pair of the Therapy Socks to wear to bed (he has diabetes & very cold feet). Thank you for making our nights more pleasant!

Jan C. Nova Scotia


What I like about Prolotex Socks

I am 77 and within 1 year have suffered a stroke followed by a heart attack which resulted in a triple by-pass operation. I already had peripheral neuropathy in my feet which had become much worse due to immobility. Researching my condition on the net I spotted your ad and although sceptical of what seemed to be a 'quack' remedy, I thought, what have I got to lose, and ordered a pair of your socks. They arrived within 7 days and as soon as I put them on I noticed a difference. The improvement
in the feeling in my feet has been phenomenal and has continued. Iam going to have to order another pair so
I can have one in the wash. I am also going to order some gloves as I suffer from loss of sensation in my hands.
please feel free to use my comments in any way.

malcolm c. Great Britain

What I like about Prolotex Socks

they are better than anything on the market today, what a great product they are, I would recommend to anyone who is having problems with there feet to give them a try as you will never were any other socks again,

kind regards
thomas d. IRELAND


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Therapy gloves were my answer to sore hands and carpal tunnel symptoms especially while sleeping, instead of waking up at different times of the night with numb and sore hands due to pain I am able to get some rest. Being on my feet all day at work my knees were starting to cause me problems and knowing that the gloves helped me with my hands as soon as I found out that there were products for the knee I immediately placed an order, thanks so much for this great alternative to the healing process.
David L

Dear Sock and Glove makers, I found your Far Infrared on the Internet as I have Peripheral Neuropathy. I am 68 - but most people think I am 50!! I have bought your products. Now I AM MUCH MUCH HAPPIER - No pain in my hands and feet. I use no PN drugs (Gaberpentin etc)no pain killers - just vitamins, herbs and sensible diet and exercise and your amazing Far Infrared Gloves and socks - I have 2 pairs of each and they have eased my daily life - THANK YOU
Christine B.

Yes - you can post my email on your website - is there any more news ref your long infrared socks - blessings Christine B.


Wonderful Product

Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your gloves are. My sister bought a pair for me for my birthday, to try to ease my Raynaud's Disease symptoms. Not only have the gloves worked beyond expectations, but today I found out that I can use the touch pad on my laptop computer with the gloves on! Up until now I have been taking them off, getting cold hands, putting them back on. Now I just leave them on. I can type with them, and now can use the touch pad with them. Wonderful product!

Kathy G. Canada


To the makers of Prolotex FIR Gloves and Socks.

While ordering gloves in the best interest of my mother, diagnosed with Raynauds, and having already 2 fingers removed, I decided to order gloves and socks for myself. My hands instantly turn white and numb upon temperatures below 60 degrees if not protected from the elements. My feet barely stay warm in insulated boots with wool socks.

I wore the socks and gloves to bed for the first week before putting them to use during the day.

I can now wear dress shoes to the office without having frozen feet with the Prolotex socks. I am extremely impressed with their ability to keep my feet warm.

Last weekend I attended a football game, less than 40 degrees outside, only having my hands covered with the gloves, and stayed perfectly warm. Of course, I wore the socks too and never felt a chill.

I don't know how you did it, but these socks and gloves are incredible. I am truly amazed that my hands and feet stay warm. One must be pro-active and wear them BEFORE your hands start to get cold.

They are very well worth the $40 I spent for each product. I only wish I could afford a few more pairs of socks so I wouldn't have to wash them daily.

Thank you.

Pat A. Idaho


I received my order (socks) and am pleasantly surprised. They do exactly as you stated, my feet have never been so warm. Very good product.

Richard G. UK


When I can afford them I will buy another pair of black ladies. I had a pair of the special cheaper ones before and they have been great. I cannot believe the difference they make by almost killing the pain I have in my left hand caused by the pins and needles.
Thank you so much. Barbara


Customer Message (from facebook):
Allison Renee' J. ....so i have raynauds but have had way fewer attacks (none indoors) since i got these socks...they make gloves too... there kind of expensive but they work....


I am wearing the right hand glove now and am feeling very protected.!

Thanks for your great service.

Gail G. Canada


Terry O. Ireland


Thanks for the prompt reply and refund. You guys are awesome…totally great customer service.
Kerrie S. Canada


My 86 yr old Dad has peripheral neuropathy in his feet, and he finds that the socks give him some relief. Nothing else does. Thanks.
Dianne Parker - New Zealand


What I like about Prolotex Gloves

I'm doing homeopathy, infoceuticals, detoxicating diet but nothing helped me as much as the gloves for my aching fingers.
I wore them for three nights only and the difference is so obvious that I'd like to order a full body FIR suit...
I'll get a pair for my mom, too!

Thanks for being,
George K.